I began my journey with Proactive Wellness Concepts, May 6, 2013, due to knee pain. During her detailed assessment she mentioned how my right hip was higher than my left and my right shoulder dropped down lower than the left. She explained how soft tissue was pulling me out of alignment, and more than likely caused my knee to hurt. I mentioned how I had stepped in a small hole in the yard as well. Although not a serious injury, it was not getting better. Linda suggested a few sessions of MFR followed by some exercises would help balance my body more, and strengthen my core. We talked about my diet again and she suggested that I make some modifications to my diet. She designed a program for me and gave me some tips on how to make better choices when shopping and eating out.

I began to lose weight, feel stronger and returned to a pain free life. She even showed me how to cook a few healthy meals!

In 2015 I injured my back over the holidays. I was told that I needed to have my back fused, but first they recommended I go to PT. After a few weeks of PT, and not getting much better, the doctors recommended I have surgery and scheduled me for lumbar fusion. I talked to Linda and she suggested that I try some concentrated sessions of MFR for a month, and if the back did not improve after MFR, then I should consider surgery. I saw Linda 3-4 times a week for a month. My pain decreased from level 8 down to level 3 in just a few weeks. I remember when I returned to her studio for my first concentrated series of sessions I could barely walk, or stand up straight. Each step was painful. But in just a few weeks I had improved! After was stabilized at level 3 pain, Linda started incorporating some very gentle exercises to strengthen my core. She knew that even though I had a been in better shape before my injury, she would have to design a program based on my current condition. Linda combined MFR, kinesio taping, and gentle exercises over the next few months. She kept a close eye on me and my progress. Linda never pushed me too hard, but still challenged me during our exercise sessions. I was thrilled to call the doctor and cancel my surgery. I am now pain free!

We discussed trying one of her nutrition programs based on a Whole Food Plant Based diet. She mentioned how it might help me lose more weight and improve my blood pressure.

Although, she offered other nutrition programs, I felt this was the best option. Since starting a WFPB diet, I have lost 11 pounds, and my blood pressure is getting better. I have more energy, feel younger, and sleep better.

I can honestly say, that I have found tremendous benefit from being a client of Proactive Wellness Concepts, Inc. Linda Nedilsky’s extensive knowledge in the fitness, nutrition and myofascial release bodywork as well as her and commitment to help others, has helped me get my life back!”

A very grateful client, Mary Harrison. 2017

Mary Harrison

I’ve struggled with my weight , hypertension and type 2 diabetes for a while ! With the instruction and support I’ve received thru Proactive Wellness Concepts I’m eating better, blood sugars are improving, weight is coming down and I’m physically feeling better ! So far, I have lost 100 pounds since 2016. Best thing I’ve done for me in a long time!! Highly recommend Proactive Wellness Concepts for those that struggle with health issues to check it out!

Bill G.

A year ago, I injured my shoulder. As a fitness model, I was required to keep a fit body, low in fat and toned. While seeing Linda for my shoulder injury, I mentioned that I could not wait to get back into competing. I had gained weight and was around 20% body fat. My competitive BF% in the past was between 8- 10%. Linda and I talked about nutrition and what a huge role it plays in getting the body at its optimal level of fitness. After reviewing my past nutrition plan, she determined that I needed to increase my caloric intake while decreasing my protein intake. My former coach had me eating around 800 calories a day. I was always hungry. She explained that the body loses muscle and fat, when it is calorie deficient. I started her nutrition program somewhat hesitant. I was concerned the increase in calories and complex carbohydrates might cause me to gain weight. I trusted her judgment and committed to a new plan including her suggestions about training times, intensity, etc.

Within just two weeks I went from 20% body fat down to 15% body fat without losing any muscle mass, just by following her basic easy to follow nutrition plan! Linda not only helped me relieve the pain from my shoulder injury, she designed a nutrition and workout plan to help me get back in shape.

I would highly recommend Linda for anyone who is looking for a well rounded wellness plan!

Sara C.

Linda has the most remarkable talent to help those of us who are over 50 and have orthopedic or other health issues. She has done amazing things to help me with my arthritic spine, high stress and more. Linda has a unique ability to assess and treat with a combination of MFR, personal training, muscle work, nutrition and coaching. She individualizes each person’s session based on observation, symptoms reported and/or observed by her. It is not your typical group class where everyone does the same thing regardless of ability or appropriateness; she has stopped my workout in progress to address an observed ‘problem’ and will immediately do MFR to resolve or ‘fix’ the issue, then resume or suspend the activity based on her stellar judgment. I recently had back surgery and Linda has been instrumental in both my immediate recovery program and now in my rehab plan. I can’t say enough positive things about Linda and her exceptional skills. Check it out; it may make a huge difference in your life. It was life-changing for me.


After going to primary doctor and orthopedic surgeon who both recommended cortisone shots, I found Linda!!!!! After the first session, I actually got off her table and felt taller and straighter and my back pain was almost gone! After a few more sessions my body feels great and she has been my lifesaver. I highly recommend going to Linda. I don’t have shots and life is good.


I went to Linda two months before I had a hip replacement. I had hopes of losing weight and strengthening upper body muscles and leg muscles to make my recovery easier and faster. I lost a few pounds and did so well with my program that the physical therapist was ready to discharge me from their program after my second week.

Linda came to my home and met with the therapist so that she could continue my post-rehab training. I returned to Linda’s location one month after the surgery and my progress has been incredible. I have no pain, can walk on a treadmill, and go up and down steps with no difficulty. I am doing exercises in the gym that I never thought I would be able to do.

My progress is most gratifying. I feel great! I strongly recommend the Proactive Wellness Concepts Personal Training Program!

Carol S. Shapiro, MD

Before coming to Linda, I had been experiencing lower back pain that appeared to be nerve connected.. My tendency when starting an exericise program on my own has been to overdo things and become so sore that continuing was difficult. It was my hope that working with Linda would motivate me to start exercising again and address my weaknesses in a safe manner. I have been working out with her for three weeks now and already I have seen improvment in my lower back. I am sleeping better at night and moving more freely during the day with noticeably less pain and better posture. Linda has been very positive, professional and focused. I have been pleased with the results I have obtained and look forward to more sessions. I would recommend this program to anyone!

Kathy B. (Manassas)

I met with Linda last year in order to accomplish a couple of specific goals, become a better softball player, lose a few pounds and become more fit.

The first goal I wanted to accomplish was to be a more competitive softball player. I have been a member of my church’s softball team for several years and over that time we have moved up the ranks from division 6 to division 4. With the prospect of moving up to division 3 looming of the horizon I knew that I needed to improve my game. Linda has helped me become much more fit overall and in addition have created softball specific exercises to help me become a better, more competitive softball player. The side benefit is that I now look and feel a whole lot better and have more energy than I have had in years!

Janice (Manassas)

Thanks for taking me on – as what I thought to be a lost cause. I remember when I used to go to step class. My knees and ankles would bother me after just a few minutes. It seemed that I had little stability in my hips or knees. I contacted Proactive Wellness Concepts and schedule a consultation. The owner, Linda explained to me muscle and fascial restrictions can cause us to feel off balance. At PAWC, they offer a complete assessment including testing your balance and coordination, range of motion and posture alignment. After completing the assessment, Linda designs a program that is specifically geared to your needs. In my case, I wanted to improve my balance, get stronger knees and hips so I could go to my step class and not feel awkward, or feel joint pain.

Thanks to PAWC, I can stand on one leg, lunge with confidence and make it through an hour of my favorite step class. Linda has re-educated me about making the exercises I do really count. She has done way more for me than I could have ever asked for and I can’t thank her enough!

Su (Dumfries)

To Whom It May Concern:

Recently I hired Linda Nedilsky as my post-rehab trainer. I had been experiencing lower back pain that appeared to be nerve connected. My tendency when starting an exercise program on my own has been to overdo things and become so sore that continuing is difficult. It was my hope that working with a professional post-rehab trainer, I would be able to start to exercise again and simultaneously address my weaknesses in a safe manner.

I have been working with Linda for three weeks now and have already seen improvement in my lower back situation. I am sleeping better at night and moving more freely during the day with noticeably less pain and better posture. Linda has been very professional. Since working with Linda, I have not experienced strained muscles or soreness that in the past had kept me from taking care of my daily responsibilities exercising at the gym. I have been very pleased with the way we have been able to work together and the speed of noticeable results. I would recommend her to others who are interested in getting rid of pain, and gaining strength and flexibity.

Kathy Barb

Client came to us who was recovering from lung cancer, and has been in remission for a year. She was in the service, and had been given a deadline regarding testing for her bi-annual PT test. She requested that we help her recondition her physically, and help her with her balance, and endurance. After her assessment we designed a plan that would help her get back on track without injuries or pain. After a complete program, she was able to pass her PT test with flying colors, and her results were better than they were before her bought with cancer. Her testimonial is below.

To Whom it may concern,

I have personally and professionally known Linda Nedilsky since April 2003. She became my personaltrainer for over a year. We have worked together on various projects concerning my health, fitness and wellbeing. I can recall a number of occasions when I had to call upon her expertise in dealing with proper nutrition and training. Her extensive knowledge and experience with the various training techniques and her outgoing personality always was a blessing. With her knowledge and continuous supporting techniques, I am able to say she was advantageous to the success of each pound and muscle strength that we worked on together.

I have never worked with any professional physical trainer who was accessible twenty-four hours a day to discuss or just be there. Linda not only had exceptional work ethics, but truly took a personal interest in the success of each of her clients. She was not only honest with us on each session; she went over board to help in the success of these training sessions.

B. Morris


I wanted to let you know how amazing the myofascial release sessions have been. Since my last three sessions my back has not felt this great in a long time. I know I have been seeing you for great massages but the myofascial release is a thousand times better. My chiropractor was impressed at how well I adjusted and even saw a change in my behavior. He has also yet to adjust me for my back being out of alignment and I truly owe it all to you and the treatments.

One last thing I would like to share with you and we have talked about this before. I played golf this past Monday and usually when I play a round of golf I am out of commission for the rest of the day because my back just stiffens up. This time I felt no tightness and completed my workout and completed chores around the house after golf.

Thanks again for being very patient with me and Suzanne and spending the time in going over the benefits of myofascial release. I can’t wait to get some more sessions.

Joe Alvarez

As a personal chef I have suffered from tendinitis due to over use of my right arm. The tendinitis caused my muscles in my forearm to become extremely tight and painful. My arm actually felt heavy due to how tight the muscles were. After dealing with this pain for many years with little or no relief through other forms of therapy, Linda introduced me to MFR. She told me that this type of therapy has been very successful in helping people afflicted with tendinitis.

I had three sessions with Linda over a month and was pleasantly surprised by the results. MFR therapy had decreased my pain considerably. Linda was vigilant in following up with me to be sure that my symptoms had not returned. I would highly recommend Linda if you are suffering as I had been. Cooking is my passion and it is so much nicer to be able to do what I love pain free.

Diane Crawford
Cornucopia Personal Chef Service LLC

As an athlete, I used to think that my body was indestructible and that I could never suffer a serious injury. I always thought that as long as I could play the game that my body would naturally just keep up through all the wear and tear I was putting it through. But that wasn’t the case; I injured my back while playing and I thought with that injury would come the end of my career.

Then I met Mrs. Linda Nedilsky and I have been very fortunate to have Linda in my life. First of all, nobody asks to get hurt, but if injury occurs is important to be treated by someone who genuinely wants to see you get healthy. After the first week of Myofascia release, treatment I started to see results and feel better. She not only helps me physically with the treatment, but mentally she continually helps me mentally build my confidence which in turn leads to a faster recovery.

Since the first day I met her, Linda has only one goal in mind to help. She has vastly improved my body physically and continues to help me build my confidence on the court and perform to the best of my ability. Her treatment has helped me return to playing professional basketball. I am currently playing for the Bakersfield Jam of the National Basketball Association Developmental League. I cannot say enough about Linda and words cannot describe the way she has impacted my life.

John Bryant

In January 2010, I went to see a chiropractor for low back pain. At the time, I believed the problem was my SI joint (this is the area I felt the pain) and that my running workout has instigated the problem. After two months of sessions, I felt no better than when I began and after some research, and in March 2010, I decided to switch to a chiropractor who was advertised as also specializing in sports injuries and ART (Active Release Technique). These sessions consisted of electro stimulation around my SI joint (10 minutes) and then ART for 5 to 10 minutes on my right hip area. This specialist advised me to get a foam roller and use that to “roll” out my hip flexor area muscles and my upper and lower back. I was also advised to do the seated QL stretch a few times a day, holding for at least 1 minute on each side. By doing this, I would be “good to go” in a few weeks. After a few weeks of this, I was sometimes better, sometimes worse and decided to see my primary care physician to get a referral for physical therapy. The PT clinic I was referred to was a bit different than your traditional PT that I was used to, and they introduced me to myofascial and trigger points. They also massaged out tight muscles that were contributing to the pain I felt in my lower back. I was taught many stretches to do and given exercise to do at home to build up my “core”. I felt better more days than not but still had days of low back pain and hop pain. I felt this was better than the other specialist I had seen and decided to get an extension from my primary care physical for more sessions of PT. During this visit, after explaining to him some of the techniques and excises we were doing, he gave me card for a myofascial release (MFR) specialist. He said that sometime this had worked when traditional forms of PT and chiropractic had not provided the desired results. After a few more weeks of PT, I decided to give the MFR a try. I contacted Linda in late summer. After our first session, I went days without pain. During the next months of sessions, Linda showed me exercises and proper stretches for managing the tight muscles that were contributing to the low back pain. I was able to begin running again in a limited capacity with a better awareness of what muscles were being used, and where the muscle tightness and imbalances were occurring. Linda also showed me how the muscles in distant locations of the body (i.e. psoas, IT band and others) are connected and how they can affect where pain is felt. In subsequent weeks Linda showed how to use balls of varying sizes to relax and stretch muscles. She also showed how to use a foam roller, not to roll but to provide compression against tight muscles to help relax and stretch. In conjunction with the rubber balls, the foam roller techniques have proven to be one of the most valuable self-help tools for dealing with tight muscles. This is in stark contrast to the “rolling” I was advised to do with previous physical therapist and chiropractors. Overall, what I have learned from Linda is that:

1. It took years for my muscles to get in this tight state that causes pain and it will take time to retrain them,
2. There are techniques, stretches and exercises that can assist with managing and alleviating the pain caused by tight muscles without resorting to medication, injections or surgery.


I was skeptical when Linda first told me about MFR. I had never heard of it before, but it kind of made sense. I have been dealing with chronic back pain for over 20 years (back to high school). I’ve seen my share of doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists. Sure, I have gotten some relief, but unfortunately, the pain always returned. And, after back surgery for bone cancer, I added scar tissue and trauma to further exasperate my symptoms. Heavy pain killers were only a temporary fix and for me, they cannot be a way of life.

I always feel better after a session. I feel a release of tension that greatly diminishes my pain and helps my body restore a sense of balance. Through MFR, I have learned to listen to my body, relax, get relief without drugs, and most importantly, to identify and avoid some of the triggers that make my body respond with tension. I explain MFR to my friends and family as a kind of message therapy…the relaxation of a massage with the intense work of therapy – physical and emotional. I feel like I am taking care of myself when I get a treatment, releasing tension and pain in order to function at my body’s optimum level.

Sue Johnson

There are no words to describe how knowledgeable, caring and understanding Linda was to my daughter Anna, who was in bad shape and was living in pain. Over the summer, Anna suffered a repetitive injury to her neck and shoulder causing her to have daily tension headaches, neck/shoulder pain and not able to comfortable sleep. We spent the entire summer going to doctors, neurologist, headache specialists, chiropractors, physical therapy, and having three different MRI/MRAs, and x-rays. Nothing seemed to provide any consistent relief; even muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatory medications did not work. Finally, the day before Anna was to return to college, her neurologist diagnosed with her myofascial syndrome. Now what we were going to do, she went to college 6 hours from home in New Jersey! While researching myofascial syndrome on the internet I came across Linda’s website and learned so much about myofascial therapy. I contacted her and she saw Anna a few days later. Linda went right to work on Anna spending three hours breaking down all her trapped fascia and providing Anna with so much pain relief, knowledge and follow up exercises. After her session, Anna called me and said this is the best she has felt all summer! While Anna will need more sessions, Linda has taken a vested interest in Anna and educating her on the best ways to tackle her myofascial syndrome.

Laura L.
New Jersey / Sept 16, 2017

Receiving MFR from Linda has been a godsend for me. I had recurrent pain in my back, neck, shoulder, elbow and forearm for months that had not responded to typical treatment and was limiting my activities. After several sessions of MFR, I was much improved, pain free and able to return to my normal life and activities. She also balanced my hip after it had rotated incorrectly, causing pain and impacting mobility; it took only one session and my hip has been fine since then. I am a true believer in MFR and in Linda’s therapeutic abilities.

Darcy D.
Lake Ridge, VA

To whomever it may concern:

Linda Nedilsky is both knowledgeable and professional. She helped me deal with chronic back pain over the course of several months. Not only did my condition improve, but Linda helped me to gain a deeper understanding of the causes of my ongoing pain. This in turn has helped me manage my condition better than I have in the past, despite years of failed approaches.

I recommend Linda Nedilsky to anyone in need of pain management or body-work services.

Thank you very much

Erik B. Lawson, Esq.


Our nutrition, fitness or myofascial release programs are not intended to substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it.

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