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Myofascial Release Therapist / NASM Personal Trainer/Nutritionist

Linda Nedilsky

Myofascial Release Therapist Linda Nedilsky Linda's passion for helping others achieve a more balanced healthy stress free lifestyle began in 2003 as a NASM certified personal trainer. After just a year as a personal trainer, she noticed there were many of her clients who suffered from joint pain, muscle restrictions, imbalances and stress. She began to study a variety of methods to help her clients decrease pain and improve functionality. She completed continuing education courses in post-rehab training, muscle activation techniques for personal trainers (MAT Jumpstart), as well as mentoring courses with world leaders in the fitness industry such a Juan Carlos Santana.

Realizing that wellness was not just about exercising, Linda obtained a certification in general nutrition and mentored with top fitness and nutrition advisor, William Smith.

Linda continued wanting to find more ways to help her clients with pain, stress and overall health. She decided to attend massage therapy school in 2008 and obtained a license as a massage therapist. Linda holds a national certification (NCTMB) as a massage therapist.

Linda's life was turned around when she was faced with her own health issues. In 2009 she accidently fell down the stairs in her own home and was faced with neck and back surgery. In December 2009 she had neck fusion and back surgery, but following her two surgeries, she found she was in more pain then before her surgery. After going through two rounds of physical therapy with no relief, she found a therapist who introduced her to John Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy. Within two sessions, her pain was nearly gone. She no longer needed to take pain medications to make it through the day. She began attending John Barnes MFR classes immediately and was able to re-establishing herself in the wellness industry. She has since completed over 250 hours in JFB-Myofascial Release Therapy courses, including Equine Myofascial Release Therapy. She continues to take courses in John Barnes MFR to continue perfection her skills and technique.

Linda has come full circle in the wellness industry and has opened her new Wellness Center offering a complete program for the body and mind. Her center offers myofascial release therapy for acute and chronic pain, fitness programs to recondition the body, stress reduction sessions, nutrition counseling classes and life wellness coaching.

Her knowledge is extensive, her passion is deep, and she has a strong dedication to each client to help them return to living a fuller more active lifestyle.



"I have been seeing Linda since Feb. 1 for my chronic upper and lower back pain. After leaving my first session, I felt wonderful--I couldn't believe it! Linda has extensive knowledge of the body's anatomy and MFR techniques, and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in receiving MFR therapy!"

Sharon 2013




Myofascial Release Therapy for back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, knee pain, and foot pain.
Serving Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.

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