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Our Myofascial Release Therapy

We provide Myofascial Release Therapy, Post-Rehab training, energy healing and self-treatment education

Myofascial Release Therapy is a hands on type of body work that addresses restrictions in the body tissues. It has long lasting results.

Linda Nedilsky is an Licensed Massage Therapist and Expert Level JOHN BARNES MYOFASCIAL RELEASE trained therapist with a very high success rate in eliminating pain and returning her clients back to living life more fully and pain free.

Our MFR program includes a complete initial assessment and evaluation followed by a series of one hour MFR sessions based on the results of the initial evaluation.

Initial Assessment

We recommend that our clients follow up with our Reconditioning and Rehab Personal Training programs after a series of MFR sessions to recondition the body to return to life activities.

See our our fitness programs for more detail.


"After going to primary doctor and orthopedic surgeon who both recommended cortisone shots, I found Linda!!!!! After the first session, I actually got off her table and felt taller and straighter and my back pain was almost gone! After a few more sessions my body feels great and she has been my lifesaver. I highly recommend going to Linda. I don't have shots and life is good."

Irene 2013

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A recent survey (2013) by Occupational Therapy Students students from Creighton University asked a large group of Occupational Therapists about the use of MFR and their patients results or outcomes regarding the use of MFR exclusively for their patients. The students under the direction of Dr. Amy Matthews, an OT, used a cross section email questionnaire and asked the OT's what type of MFR they used and their reasons for using it. 91% of the people responded were students of John Barnes MFR.

The average success rate for OTHER therapy treatments for pain was around 60%. When asked about the success rate of JB MFR Therapy, the success rate was 98%. This is well beyond what traditional and even some alternative approaches percentages are.

Participants in this survey reported that patients being treated with JOHN BARNES MYOFASCIAL RELEASE TECHNIQUES had the following outcome:

  • IMPROVE POSTURE - 98.02%
  • DECREASE PAIN - 99.01%




Myofascial Release Therapy for back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, knee pain, and foot pain.
Serving Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.

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