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Personal Training/Post-Rehab

ONE-on-ONE Personal Training with a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and NESTA Post-Rehab Certified Trainer

So many people feel great after MFR and return to their old activities that they did before they had pain, without knowing how to recondition their body. A good trainer understands the progressions that the body needs to go through to return to regular activity and customizes the programs for that level. That is why it is IMPORTANT that a proper program be put in place that will help you reach your goals without injuries or setbacks.

Our programs are specifically designed for those who are in poor condition after being in pain or inactive for some time. It is designed for anyone who is looking for that personal one-on-one guidance and personal attention. If you have never worked out before, or have been unable to workout due to pain, our post-rehab and reconditioning programs are perfect for you. We will help you learn how to perform exercises with good form, using proper progressions so that you avoid any possible injuries. We focus on balance, coordination, strength and flexibility for all ages and conditions.

Our NASM Certified Personal Trainer will design an exercise program that is unique to your condition, lifestyle, and level of fitness. For over 10 years we have designed fitness programs for individuals as young as 12 and as old at 80 and have had great results without any injuries! We have help people who have had knee replacements, hip replacements, etc. (Post Rehap Training is only a follow up to Physical Therapy prescribed by your doctor!) Anyone following recent surgeries, illnesses, or injuries must have their doctors release to participate in our fitness programs (download a copy of the release)

We are there with you every step of the way... progressing based on your level of fitness and goals.

For our clients who need to lose weight.. we can help you with that as well. Although we are not a "WEIGHT LOSS CENTER" on your fitness and nutrition program you can lose weight safely and without overdoing it, or going on some crazy FAD diet.

Many trainers push their overweight clients beyond what they should be with the misconception that if their clients are not sweating and in pain they are not burning fat! WELL that is untrue! This type of thinking generally leads to injuries forcing the client to take off from their workouts to recover from their injuries they got working out, wasting time and money.

Here is an example of how injuries from working out can actually slow down the process of healing and improving overall health.

A man saw me last year for knee problems. I asked him how long his knee pain had been going on. He said about six months. I asked him if he exercised. He said he started working out with a trainer six months prior to seeing me. Interesting that his knee pain did not exist before he started his workout program with the personal trainer. The trainer did not take into consideration the age of the client, the posture of the client, any previous pain the client had... or other conditions that could be exasperated from certain types of exercises. The client had a few mfr sessions and we followed them by setting him up on a post-rehab program that was more suited for his fitness level.

At PROACTIVE WELLNESS CONCEPTS we are trained to work with people of all ages and conditions. We have your best interest in mind!


"Linda has the most remarkable talent to help those of us who are over 50 and have orthopedic or other health issues. She has done amazing things to help me with my arthritic spine, high stress and more. Linda has a unique ability to assess and treat with a combination of MFR, personal training, muscle work, nutrition and coaching. She individualizes each person's session based on observation, symptoms reported and/or observed by her. It is not your typical group class where everyone does the same thing regardless of ability or appropriateness; she has stopped my workout in progress to address an observed 'problem' and will immediately do MFR to resolve or 'fix' the issue, then resume or suspend the activity based on her stellar judgment. I recently had back surgery and Linda has been instrumental in both my immediate recovery program and now in my rehab plan. I can't say enough positive things about Linda and her exceptional skills. Check it out; it may make a huge difference in your life. It was life-changing for me. "

Darcy 2013

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Myofascial Release Therapy for back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, knee pain, and foot pain.
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